A few good links

This 20 x 36 garage uses a combination of stick framing and pole barn carpentry. I'm not a professional builder so I read a lot of material about building large storage buildings long before I ever drove a nail in this building or even put pencil to paper to make up some plans.

One place that I frequented a lot and downloaded a lot of free plans from was the Mid-West Plan Service of the USDA. These were very valuable as they helped me understand the rudiments of pole building. Just click on the plan numbers in the left hand column to see a PDF file of the particular building.

The Canadians also have a plan service. That service had a lot of information about structure loading. That was especially critical for me as I was going to sheath this building in OSB and not the traditional method of sheet tin. OSB is heavy and I wanted to be sure it wasn't going to come down on me one day.


To the gentleman that emailed me about the gambrel framing here's a view of how I built the gambrels . I made ours with 2 x 6 bottom and top chords, 3/4" plywood for the gussets, and then used an 8' 2x4 for the collar ties.