Free delivery, but stack it yourself

I drove 65 miles to Flemingsburg on the 8th of June and purchased $2400 of lumber to begin the lower level. A.W. Graham delivered it that very afternoon. 65 miles, one way, and they didn't charge for delivery! Incredible.

We had to get it covered fairly quickly as storms were in the area. Rather than tarp it overnight and move it on the 9th, we decided to suck it up and move it all into the covered car port that day. Even though the wife had just returned from the dentist and some fairly serious dental work. She's tough, I tell you.

If there hadn't been the threat of rain, I would have taken my time and stacked in order of the build. But, with the rumble of thunder all around us, we just started moving lumber, with little thought of stacking in order. We started at 4:00 and by 7:30 had it stacked under the carport. The old man's muscles are still sore two days later!

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