My Baptist walk door

I haven't been completely idle. I have the overhead door installed, plus a walk door. The walk door was a gift from a neighbor who had 3 of them to include their metal frames. They were designed for a building with a brick exterior.

These were heavy, solid wood fire doors salvaged from a local Baptist church that had been demolished. Oh, the church is still very active. In fact, they had to build and move into a much larger church because they were running out of room.

I digress. Anyway, I couldn't use the steel frame so I had to make a wood frame out of 1 x 12s and that was interesting. But I actually got the hinge pockets routed correctly, the mount screws centered and darned if the door isn't plumb and level.

I amazed myself on that one as it all went together without much of a hitch. I'll post some pictures of it soon.


Newman O'Connor said...

Is there anyway I could convince you to email me your plans. That lloks awesome....

n e w m a n o c o n n o r @gmail.com

RichD said...

I just found your blog and am impressed. I am just about ready to build a barn/garage that mimics your garage quite a bit. I had NOT thought of the pole barn option, but like it.

I also am curious where you got your plans and if they are available.
Thanks in advance

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

No, there's really no plans per se, but like I emailed the other poster it was mainly done in my head and then I just transferred the ideas to a Turbo Cad 7.0 software program I got off of Ebay for under 10 bucks.
You can email me at eastkyfxdl (the "at" sign) yahoo "dot" com

e a s t k y f x d l @ y a h o o . c o m

I'd be happy to send you as much as I have but most of the dimensions and "plans" were on another PC that went belly-up on me a year or so ago. But, again, you're welcome to pick my brain and I'll try to answer promptly.