11 tons just doesn't go as far as it used to

The Dodge and utility trailer are sitting on 11.2 tons of crushed limestone with fines. That's what I knew it as when working up in the Dayton, OH area. But, here in northeast Kentucky folks call it "crush and run". I haven't the faintest idea why and neither did J.D. the gravel truck driver. "Well, uh, I don't know. It's just always been called that long as I can remember."

J.D. tried to spread it in two runs for us with his surplus single axle former State of Ohio Dept of Highways yellow Ford dump truck, but the gravel was wet and it just slid out of the bed of the dump in two big clumps. Bummer... so it was rake and shovel 11.2 tons of crush and run over the back 24' of the garage.

I didn't do the front 12' as it will be separated from the garage area by a stud wall and the floor for it will be wood, sorta an almost ground level deck. Hard to explain, but I've got it figured out in my head, so it's doable and will be much warmer and comfortable than a concrete floor.

Anyway, from this angle if you look at that right side bottom girt you can see that there is still almost 9" of 2 x 10 girt exposed and the top of those girts is the top of the concrete pad that's planned for the back 24' of the garage.

So, it's either a 9" inch concrete pour or another load of "crush and run". I think we'll opt for the crush and run, probably cheaper going that route, by a long shot.

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