Just a slight delay - about 2 months!

Okay, back on track. Did a 16' x 18'deck for the step-son, that took up all of July and 1 week of August. It was hot, hot, hot, AND humid. Some days I would only work about 2 or 3 hours then that was it, it was just too miserable, heat and humidity wise, and I would throw in the towel and head for the house and soak up the air conditioning.

Also, during this period we had our roof replaced. Not just shingles, but 1/3 of the whole roof. A new 22' ridge board and rafters all raised about 2 1/2' higher on the hip. The old one was barely 3:1 pitch and was in bad shape. We had a good roofer and he was also a good carpenter, but slooooooow. Lord, he was slow. He was here 7 weeks... 7 weeks... to do a roof job on a 1350 sq ft cottage style house. Good worker, good price overall, but slow, slow, slow...

Anyway, we finally got him out of here and could get back to building this 20' x 36' garage. First thing was to get the post holes dug. We considered renting an 8" two-man auger, but we had used one twice before on other projects and weren't looking forward to doing eighteen 12" holes with one of those things.

So, I lucked out and found a contractor here locally that would dig eighteen 12" diameter holes 36" deep with a tractor mounted auger. His minimum charge was 4 hours which equaled $160. He was only here about an hour, but the wife & I both considered it money well spent!

Today we set the corner posts. Here's a picture showing the LH "line", perfect, eh? And here's the four posts in the corners.

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