Just keep chipping away

For some reason we didn't get going until around noon today. I couldn't tell you where the morning went, but it was over before we realized it. Where does time go?

Anyway, Mrs GunTrash worked on the chainlink fence separating the two kennel areas. She's taking it down so that all 3 mutts can share one big enclosed area instead of two medium sized ones. Here's Lickrish whose nickname is Lick (you can see why), the original GunTrash dog, Raven, and our talking dog, Sasha. And no, we didn't really want or go out looking for any of them, but somehow we ended up with them. What can I say?

[Ah, I'm getting sidetracked... back to the garage.]

Me? No great shakes, but I did manage to get the left and right side bottom outside girts attached. Every little bit helps.

The sun was setting so the digital did the flash thing, but we now have double bottom girts on the left hand side and also now on the right hand side.

Still waiting on J.D. and another 10 tons or so of crush and run. So, we can't put up the end columns and girt them until the gravel is delivered. His truck is down for some unspecified ailment, but he assured us that he should be back on the road NLT then this Thursday. We'll see!

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