You load 23 tons, what do you get...

Apologies to America's favorite Peapicker, but the last of the 23 tons of crush and run have finally been spread in the garage area of the building. Here's a before shot of the last bit and also a pic of one of my helpers... before all of it got spread. Here's the after view.

That ladder on steroids in the picture is one of three I am building to hold the aluminum scaffolding that a friend loaned us. I got the idea from this book and no, I didn't pay $30 for my copy, I got mine used from Amazon for about 1/3 that price.

Here's a look at the "exercise room". It's about 12' x 18' and the floor will be framed similar to a deck. We plan to cover the ground with 6 mil plastic sheeting to control any moisture, then 1" blueboard styrofoam insulation on top of that. So it should be reasonably comfortable in that area.


Mr said...

One of the main reasons you should get a portable aluminium scaffold tower is for your safety. Working at heights with a ladder is usually not a good idea.

Gun Trash said...

Good advise. I actually didn't work off a ladder all the much. I used pump jacks and two 2' x 16' aluminum walk planks that gave me a 4 ft wide working platform. It wasn't the easiest method as most pump jack operations assume two men on the scaffold each working a pump in unison. Being a solo act, I would pump one side a bit, then have to transition to the other end to pump that side next. Plus, I used SPF lumber for my vertical posts and the jack pawls cut into the soft lumber and that became an aggravating issue. It wasn't the most elegant solution to reaching height but I managed it.

The next one I build? Yep, I'll definitely consider pipe or aluminum scaffolding. :-)